Flying Cirrus Spain

If flying is your passion, and you have a current PPL or CPL license, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity of enjoying the experience of flying a Cirrus SR22. It’s a cutting edge technology aircraft, with amazing avionics and the best security devices of all Single Engine Airplanes. Flying this aircraft, gives you sensations that almost no other light airplane.

Cirrus Spain

All our fleet is equipped with two 10” avidyne screens, (Glass cockpit) that help improve the IFR skills and enhance safety and flight enjoyment when flying IMC.

This plane can carry up to four passengers, with its IO-550-N Continental six cylinders/cylinder engine, that delivers 310 bhp. It can easily fly above 170 KTAS for more than six hours.






The quality of the interiors is certainly another of its strongest points. Leather Seats, Air Conditioning, Airbags in the front seats, etc…provide a high quality atmosphere all around the cabin.



But, as safety is the main issue, The CAPS (Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System) makes the Cirrus series unique amongst all SEP. It has the only certified parachute system installed on an aircraft, actuated from inside the cockpit. It enables the aircraft to reach the ground regardless of any kind of failure that can occur while airborne – Cirrus Spain.






this video is a gift of our friend Manuel Quinaz flying one Cirrus of our fleet.