Rent a Cirrus

At Antos, we have the way in which any pilot who wishes to rent and fly a Cirrus SR22 can do without any hassle.


Rental without safety pilot


Every pilot holding at least 350 flight hours in SEP (A) and 10 hours in Cirrus (SR20/SR22), can do our flying solo training. It consists of a 10 hour course in which we will revise all the normal and irregular procedures which you need to know to fly Cirrus SR22 under full safety conditions. If your results are satisfying, you will be able to travel on one of our SR22 wherever you want – Rent Airplanes.


Rent Airplane



Safety pilot rental – Rent Airplanes

If you do not fulfill all the requirements to fly alone, or if you simply wish to have a professional pilot to fly with you ensuring you safety, we will place at your disposal one of our safety pilots with no extra charge*

Rent Cirrus Madrid Spain



*(overnights and travel expenses are not included)